Why should I join?

It would be simple enough to print the list of Best Practices and implement them for your event, without joining EDiSN. For this we would thank you for your efforts. However, you can do more by joining EDiSN. Becoming a member is a public pledge to hold sustainable events. As a network we can share new ideas, successes, and failures, and encourage one another. Could you make a video of your sustainable event? Are there practices that are required for your particular sport? Would you like to bounce ideas off others in our blog? Together we are smarter and do better.  

What information will you share with others?

We will not give our membership list to any third party companies. We will only share your contact information if you decide to become a mentor and want others to contact you. For details, please see our Privacy Policy.

What are the levels of membership? What are the benefits?

EDiSN offers three levels of membership, all of which are free for event directors. Learn more about membership options.

How much does joining EDiSN cost?

There is no cost. We are a DIY network focused on sharing ideas and not making a profit. We are in the process of applying for 501c3 status, and once we are an official non-profit we will be accepting donations and sponsors for the ongoing costs of maintaining our website.

How much does it cost to hold a sustainable event?

The cost of a sustainable event compared to an ordinary event will vary based on the size and type of your event. Some costs will be greater up front (e.g. buying durables instead of disposables), but will save money at future events. Some best practices don’t involve paying more money, but require more time (e.g., having volunteers sort waste instead of throwing everything in trash bags). Hiring a Master Recycler will cost money, but their knowledge of local resources and what can actually be recycled will ensure that less goes into the landfill. 

Ultimately it’s about the choices we make as event directors. Bags of paper cups in the landfill or containers that can be used for many events? Hundreds of people each driving their own car or ridesharing to save gas and reduce pollution? The choices we make as event directors provide better options from which our participants can choose.

The cost? How much are we willing to pay to keep our planet livable for current and future generations? We think it’s worth the price.

How can I share my ideas with other event directors?

Join EDiSN and share your videos and post on our blog. Become a mentor (Mentorship page). Take the post-event survey. Share your successes and failures so that others can learn. We see the Best Practices page as the main content of EDiSN. We see it as a work in progress, a document that will continually be updated as new ideas, practices, technology and apps are created.

How can I get accredited as a green event?

Accreditation takes a combination of time and resources. EDiSN can provide resources for your event to become accredited as a Level 3 EDiSN member.

How can I find a Master Recycler to work at my event? How can I get one of my staff/club members certified as a Master Recycler?

Take a look at the Level 2 membership for details. We have created a national database of Master Recycler training and recruiting programs.  Contact us if you are aware of such programs in your area and we’ll add it to our list.