Level 3: Accredited Member

If you use best practices and want to be recognized for your efforts, you can seek accreditation from national and international sustainability organizations. 

Council for Responsible Sport https://www.councilforresponsiblesport.org/ 

International Organization for Standardization. Use the ISO 20121 “Event sustainability management systems — Requirements with guidance for use.”https://www.iso.org/standard/54552.html 

Athletes for a Fit Planet https://www.afitplanet.com/weblog/resources/ 

Beyond Sport https://beyondsport.org/ 

United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC) Climate Neutral Now Pledge.  Organizations that take the pledge commit to:

  1. Measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions for an agreed-upon period of time.
  2. Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.
  3. Offset remaining emissions with UN Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).  https://unfccc.int/climate-action/climate-neutral-now/i-am-a-company/organization/climate-neutral-now-pledge

Steps to Take: 

  1. Join EDiSN
  2. Recruit a consultant (either a company or an individual Master Recycler)
  3. Check out the Best Practices page to see what your event can do to reduce waste and reduce the carbon footprint
  4. Do a Waste Audit
  5. If you come up with a great idea, share it on our blog
  6. If you are already successfully using best practices and are willing to mentor other event directors, contact us and we’ll post your name on EDiSN Mentorship Page
  7. If you are willing show others how it’s done; make a video, send it to us (contact us) and we’ll post it on EDiSN Video Page.
  8. Seek certification from CRS, ISO, etc.