Level 2: Master Recycler Member

If you want to have a more sustainable event but need help, you can recruit experts. They will bring expertise and experience, consult on how to implement Best Practices, and train your volunteers to make it happen.  

Many best practices are universal across different sports and different locations. Some best practices require very specific (and frequently changing) information–e.g. what kind of cups to use, where to buy them and where to take them to be composted or recycled. This is when local experts are quite helpful. 

NOTE: As we launch this web site our focus is on resources in Oregon and SW Washington, where EDiSN is based.  Over time we will expand our list of contacts and resources.  Check with your city, county and state for programs similar to those described below.  Share those contacts with us to help expand the EDiSN database.

For small to medium events, recruit a Master Recycler. For larger events, contact sustainability experts like Elysium (https://www.weareelysium.com/) or the Green Sports Alliance (https://greensportsalliance.org/).   

Recruit your Master Recycler six months before your event. 

Master Recyclers in the Portland Metro area take a class, then are required to do 30 hours of community service. You may recruit a Master Recycler at no cost if they are doing their community service. Their volunteer hours must take place within the tri-county area of Metro (Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties).   

It is important to know the roles where Master Recyclers can and can’t help as part of their volunteer hours. For the Portland area program, Master Recyclers can do the following for event recycling projects: 
a) Join a green team or planning committee. 
b) Plan and implement recycling, composting, or waste prevention at an event with 50-8,000 attendees (it is recommended to hire a staff person if the event is larger or takes place over multiple days).
c) Train and supervise your volunteers and/or vendors to manage recycling and compost at your event.
d) Supervise a waste audit for your event.

EDiSN strongly encourages event directors to compensate their Master Recyclers. We suggest a stipend of one dollar per participant. When you make your request to hire someone, make it clear whether or not you’re offering a stipend, and how much it is. The Master Recycler can always decline the stipend, but offering the money lets them know that you value their time. Long term, consider having a company/club staff member get certified as a Master Recycler

For those in the area, contact Portland State University Community Environmental Services (https://www.pdx.edu/ces/home) for assistance. 

Steps to Take:

  1. Join EDiSN.
  2. Recruit a Master Recycler.
  3. Review Best Practices to see how your event can do to reduce waste and carbon impact.
  4. Do a Waste Audit.
  5. Take the EDiSN post-event survey.
  6. If you come up with a great idea, share it with others on our blog.
  7. If you are already successfully using best practices and are willing to mentor other event directors, contact us and we’ll post your name on EDiSN Mentorship Page.
  8. If you are willing to work with us in creating a video to document your event’s efforts, contact us for information. Videos are posted on the EDiSN Video Page.